Development is all connected and interconnected. Understanding these words will help you make connections

Attunement: The harmonious acceptance and caring of another. This can involve recognizing feelings and experience of another person.

Dysregulation: A neurological state typified by being of out of control, driven by emotion, and unable to think rationally.

Interoception: Sensing what is happening inside the body, ie: heart beat, digestion, breathing.

Misattunement: when our actions show we don’t perceiving the experience or feelings of another person.

Proprioception: Sensation of body awareness. (Comes from muscles, joints and tendons)

Reframe: Looking at something differently, describing it in different words

Regulation: Self control. In control of what I do, my bodily functions, my thoughts, my emotions.

Repair: Behavior that remedies misattunement and other mistakes.

Sensation: How our bodies know what is happening around us

Vestibular sense: A sense of the middle ear stimulated by movement of the head. Vestibular input tells us the position of our head and is important to our balance system.