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Titles I Recommend:

The Out Of Sync Child Has Fun

This great book by Carol Kranowitz is filled with activities that are categorized by their associated senses. If you need ideas for your child, this is a treasure trove.

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Connected Parent Empowered Child

If you need help with school age children in areas of anger or conflict management, and more, check out Leeza Staindorf’s: Connected Parent, Empowered Child

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“Letha, It is hard for us to put into words just how much we value you as a part of (our child’s) development. We are truly blessed and grateful for all you have done. Best of luck with the Books and with all of the Great Things you have ahead!”

R. & M. T

“Dear Letha, Thank you so much for all the work you have done. I have learned so much from you. (My child) has grown so much and I know you are a huge part of his developing process. Thank you! With Love,”

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