“Letha, It is hard for us to put into words just how much we value you as a part of (our child’s) development. We are truly blessed and grateful for all you have done. Best of luck with the Books and with all of the Great Things you have ahead!”

R. & M. T

“Dear Letha, Thank you so much for all the work you have done. I have learned so much from you. (My child) has grown so much and I know you are a huge part of his developing process. Thank you! With Love,”

J. C.

“Thank You. I am excited about teaching again. This has been a real help!”


“Thank you for your workshop. I thought of so many children as you spoke. I put your ideas to use and they work!”

K. W.

“He’s like a different boy!”


“She’s not crying on and off during class anymore.”


"I didn’t think it would work – and it did!”


“I wish I had known this earlier. This makes so much sense!”


“This is such a relief. (Child’s name) is bright and I didn’t understand that the problem is neurological. Knowing there is something I can do changes everything.”


“I was at the convention last week. This is so exciting! I’ve been doing what you taught and it really works. I can’t wait for your book to come out!”


“Great inservice. Have more like this.”


“We can see (our boy) going into kindergarten. I think he’ll do well, thanks to his work with you.”


“He sits through circle time now!”


"It was such a joy to be able to have your training both days. The training was an eye opener even regarding one of my stepchildren who has presented some of the behaviors that you mentioned.  What an amazing way to finish my weekend. Thank you again."


“Enlightening and informative! It clicks for me. Letha’s work puts my puzzle pieces together like missing links.”

Indica Cooke, Early Childhood Educator
Indica Cooke, Early Childhood Educator

“As a pediatrician and family practitioner with over 30 years of practice, I find Ms. Marchetti to be refreshingly original and creative in her approach, her methods and her explanations. She guides educators and parents to begin to see children with new and open eyes, ready to learn from the child first, in order then, to teach the child. Now that’s a concept few of us have ever really thought about!"

Ifeoma Ikenze, M.D.
Ifeoma Ikenze, M.D.